OKROS s.r.o. is a Slovak company founded in 2009 with 20 years of knowledge of the production and business environment in the segment of hole fillings and shading technology, with the ability to bring highly efficient, professional and complex solutions for the client.

Thanks to its individual professional approach, it responds flexibly and promptly to the requirements of its clients and can recommend the most optimal solutions in the selection of products.
The company is headed by the owner Milan Ondrovič, who gives the company a vision and identity associated with systematicism, professionalism and partnership.
constantly growing quality, satisfied customers, and above all satisfied employees, efficiency - we add value, while the key parameter remains the ratio, performance, price.

Our standards when ordering:

  • before implementation, 3D visualization is also part of the order confirmation
  • each order in writing
  • before ordering, it is necessary to focus and specify the details
  • the date of delivery and assembly will be agreed
  • prior to production, the customer receives drawings with dimensions for release to production
  • the exact day of assembly will be agreed before the implementation date